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Drawing from extensive expertise in developing countries, Ethox supports a variety of research programmes across Africa and Asia, providing advice tailored to specific geographic, socioeconomic and cultural contexts on a variety of research areas. We have specialist expertise in research with development impact mediated by Official Development Assistance and act as independent advisors on small and large research programmes funded by GCRF, DFID, Gates, etc. 

We also convene formal and informal spaces for discussion and deliberation around shared ethical challenges specific to research in development contexts, thus facilitating a reflective approach to the identification of day-to-day ethical dilemmas and the sharing of best practice.

This work benefits from and also informs a parallel research programme on the ethics of development research.

We welcome enquiries and requests for support at any stage of the research process. This can range from ethics statements in grant applications and help with institutional ethics approvals to more complex issues relating to the ethical conduct of research, fair engagement with local communities, governments and partners, dissemination of results (especially if sensitive) or risks and impact assessments. 

To arrange an initial consultation, please contact