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World Congress of Bioethics 2020: Symposium

Tuesday, 23 June
9-10am BST (8-9am UTC) or
5-6pm BST (4-5pm UTC)

Following on from the symposium presentation at the IAB by Matt McCoy, Sonja Erikainen, Leah Rand and Annie Sorbie, we would like to invite you to join us on Tuesday 23rd June, on Zoom, to discuss issues in governance and public involvement and share your experiences.

We are interested to hear about your experiences of, research on or engagements with large scale/population level biobanks, databases, or repositories – in the context of public involvement. We are also interested to hear, in particular, about the ethical and/or governance challenges that you’ve faced and how they might be rectified – how and why different methods of public involvement are justified and appropriate in different settings. Finally, we are interested to hear your thoughts about how public involvement can and should be embedded within governance in the context of different legal, regulatory and policy environments.

Joining details:
Meeting ID: 959 225 6455 Password: Cbss


Mark Sheehan (University of Oxford) and Sarah Chan (University of Edinburgh) will lead the discussions, and will be joined by:


Michael Dunn, University of Oxford

Sonja Erikainen, University of Edinburgh

Phoebe Friesen, McGill University

Karin Jongsma, University Medical Center, Utrecht

Carolyn Neuhaus, The Hastings Centre

Matthew McCoy, University of Pennsylvania

Leah Rand, Harvard Medical School and PORTAL, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Annie Sorbie, University of Edinburgh


Wellcome logo  This work is funded by a Wellcome grant: 219383/Z/19/Z


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