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The Genethics Club was established in 2001 to provide a social space in which anyone working in clinical genetics in the United Kingdom, including nurses, counsellors, doctors, laboratory staff, and medical researchers, could present and discuss ethical issues arising in their practice. The Genethics Club is organised by Tara Clancy, Angus Clarke, Anneke Lucassen and Michael Parker. Since its inception, the Genethics Club has met three times a year (40 times as of 2013). It has been popular with health professionals and researchers. It has been attended on average by 35 people. Nearly 800 people have attended as of July 2013 including members of every clinical genetics service and NHS laboratory in the United Kingdom. Meetings of the Genethics Club involve presentations by those working in genetics of ‘cases’ that they consider to present ethical issues and to be problematic, either in themselves or in relation to their implications for practice more widely. These case presentations have tended to be rich and have been followed by open discussion. Often, the discussions open up and generate many other ethical issues to those initially presented. Since it began, the Genethics Club has seen approximately 400 case presentations.

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