Ariella Binik

Oxford Biomedical Research Centre Postdoctoral Ethics Fellow


Ariella Binik is a postdoctoral fellow at the Ethox Centre. She is interested in the ethics of clinical trials with human subjects, especially clinical trials with children. Her research aims to explain when and why it is permissible to enroll children—who cannot consent for themselves—in clinical research. She argues that children’s inclusion in research can only be justified when the risks of a trial stand in reasonable relation to the knowledge to be gained, and she is developing a moral threshold for the degree of risk permissible in research procedures that do not offer children the prospect of direct medical benefit.
Ariella’s research also focuses on the concept of equipoise, a necessary requirement for the ethical justification of a clinical trial. She has written about challenges arising for clinical equipoise in cluster-randomized trials, that is, clinical trials that randomize groups rather than individual research subjects to different interventions. She is also interested in the justification of equipoise and its application in global health research.

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