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Mira Schneiders

Mira Schneiders

Mira Schneiders

DPhil Student

Mira joined Ethox in October 2016 as a Clarendon scholar and DPhil candidate under the supervision of Professor Mike Parker and Associate Professor Maureen Kelley. In her research, Mira is exploring the role of family caregivers in providing long-term care for older people in low-resource settings. Of particular interest to her are the ethical dimensions and impact of being a caregiver and of receiving caregiver support.

Before joining Ethox, Mira worked as Technical Officer at the Department of Ageing and Life Course at the World Health Organizations (WHO) headquarters, where her work evolved around the World report on ageing and health (2015). Previously, Mira spent several years working in the field of HIV prevention among key affected populations, working with international NGOs in Cambodia, including fhi360 and Friends International and at the WHO HIV Department in Geneva.

Throughout her work, Mira maintains a focus on improving health equity for marginalised, vulnerable and stigmatised populations. In particular, this concerns understanding how health behaviours, values and preferences, and barriers and enablers determine health outcomes and access to heath among vulnerable populations. She is interested in examining how community engagement can and should inform the development of ethical and evidence-based public health programmes and guidelines.

Mira holds a Bachelor of Psychology (first class Hons) from the University of Manchester (2010) and a Master of Global Health Science from the University of Oxford (2011). She is a member of Green Templeton College. Since 2016, Mira serves as a board member for nefia (Alumni Network on International Affairs, Germany), after having been a Mercator Fellow on International Affairs between 2012-2013. Mira is a third culture kid (TCK), having grown up in Tanzania, Germany and Cambodia and continues to seek opportunities to live and work in multi-cultural and diverse environments.

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