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Ethics support

Ethox aims to improve ethical standards in healthcare practice. As a key part of this commitment, the Ethox Centre views the provision of ethics support and advice to health professionals, medical researchers, and policy makers as a priority. The Ethox team welcomes requests for ethics support, training and advice.  Find out more here.


The Ethox Centre is a partner in MESH: the community engagement network.

Latest News

The Future Care of Older Adults: A Cross-Cultural Networking Project – Funded by the Wellcome Trust

The final report of a recently completed project on the Future of Care for Older Adults has been published.

New Vacancy at the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities and the Ethox Centre

The Oxford-Berman Institute Bioethics Partnership has two post-doctoral research positions (one at each Institution) for researchers who are committed to interdisciplinary and transnational collaboration and who have a particular interest in exploring ethical issues at the intersection of global health and infectious disease. We are now seeking applications for the postdoctoral position to be based in Oxford.

Action needed to ensure research is carried out ethically in global health emergencies

Governments, funders, and research bodies must take action to ensure that research is undertaken ethically during global health emergencies, says a new report from the Nuffield Council on Bioethics.