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Susan Bull

Senior Researcher in Ethics of Genomics and Global Health

Michael Dunn

Associate Professor

Mackenzie Graham

Senior Research Fellow in Imaging and Data Ethics

Nina Hallowell

Professor of Social and Ethical Aspects of Genomics

Ruth Horn

Associate Professor in Ethics

Euzebiusz Jamrozik

Postdoctoral Fellow

Stephanie Johnson


Maureen Kelley

Professor of Bioethics

Angeliki Kerasidou

Senior Fellow

Patricia Kingori

Associate Professor in Global Health Ethics

Federica Lucivero

Senior Researcher in Data and Ethics

Francis McKay

Research Fellow In Ethics And Social Implications Of Digital Health

Maru Mormina

Senior Researcher and Ethics Advisor

Michael Parker

Centre Director

Adeline Perrot

Researcher in the Ethics of Prenatal Genetics and Genomics

Dinnah Rippon

Co-ordinator of Global Health Bioethics Network

Jennifer Roest

Research Fellow in Ethics and Maternal and Child Health

Kate Sahan

Ethics Research Fellow, Cangene Canvar

Mark Sheehan

Oxford Biomedical Research Centre Ethics Fellow

Ingrid Slade

Wellcome Research Fellow in Society and Ethics

Mehrunisha Suleman

Research and Public Engagement Lead

Halina Suwalowska

Researcher in Global Health Bioethics