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Ingrid Slade


Wellcome Research Fellow in Society and Ethics

Ingrid is a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow based at the Ethox Centre in the Nuffield Department of Population Health.  She has a Wellcome Trust Society and Ethics research award for her work entitled Clinical Genomic Medicine and the Need for a Public Health Ethics Account.

Ingrid studied medicine at the University of Bristol (MBChB, BSc Biochemistry).  She went on to train in paediatrics and clinical genetics before undertaking her PhD (Identification and Characterisation of Genes which confer Susceptibility to Childhood Cancer, Institute of Cancer Research, University of London).  During her PhD it became evident that genomic medicine was becoming increasingly population driven and Ingrid chose to train in public health medicine to increase her understanding of healthcare systems and population health.

Ingrid’s work at the Ethox Centre focuses on ethics questions related to public health and genomic medicine including themes such as resource allocation and priority setting, the role of commercialisation and the application of public health ethics in this setting. 

Ingrid’s work Clinical Genomic Medicine and the Need for a Public Health Ethics Account originated out of the recognition that the implementation and practice of clinical genomic medicine is increasingly employing a population perspective in the utilisation of data and the integration of genomics within healthcare systems. However contemporary accounts of ethics and genomics have focused primarily on the best interests of individuals and their families.  This project combines empirical and normative analysis of public health ethical values for application in clinical genomics medicine, the formulation and dissemination of practical guidance and useful recommendations for application in clinical genomic medicine policy and practice.

Ingrid also co-leads the Ethical Analysis of Key Concepts sub-domain, 100,000 Genomes Project and was the founding Director of the Centre for Personalised Medicine, University of Oxford.

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