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Of Straws, Camels, Research Regulation, and IRBs.

Journal article

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The ethics of sequencing infectious disease pathogens for clinical and public health.

Journal article

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Lay Perspectives on Receiving Different Types of Genomic Secondary Findings: a Qualitative Vignette Study.

Journal article

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More Harm Than Good: Neurotechnological Thought Apprehension in Forensic Psychiatry.

Journal article

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At the moral margins of the doctor-patient relationship.

Journal article

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La France et la Grande-Bretagne à l’ère de la médecine génomique

Journal article

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Philosophical Bioethics in the Policy Arena

Journal article

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Health-emergency disaster risk management and research ethics.


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The shared decision making of older adults in healthcare

Journal article

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Evolution of a programme to engage school students with health research and science in Kenya.

Journal article

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