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"The Nobodies": unidentified dead bodies-a global health crisis requiring urgent attention.

Journal article

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Correction to: Data-driven research and healthcare: public trust, data governance and the NHS.

Journal article

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Typologies and Features of Play in Mobile Games for Mental Wellbeing

Journal article

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Vaccine mandates and public trust do not have to be antagonistic.

Journal article

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The Far-reaching Implications of China’s AI-powered Surveillance State Post-COVID

Journal article

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A Scalar Approach to Vaccination Ethics

Journal article

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The relationship between speculation and translation in bioethics: methods and methodologies

Journal article

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Genetic immunization: enhancement or public health measure?


Johnson T., (2023), Clinical Ethics at the Crossroads of Genetic and Reproductive Technologies

Reflections before the storm: the AI reproduction of biased imagery in global health visuals.

Journal article

Alenichev A. et al, (2023), Lancet Glob Health

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