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Social, ethical and behavioural aspects of COVID-19

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Consent in the time of COVID-19

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Research Ethics in Social Care


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Precedent Autonomy and Surrogate Decision-Making After Severe Brain Injury

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Recognition, mutual respect, and support: A relational approach to training and supervision in community health work


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Trust, trustworthiness and sharing patient data for research.

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Articulating the sources for an African normative framework of healthcare: Ghana as a case study

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Law, Public Debates and Professionals’ Attitudes: A Comparative Study on the Use of Advance Directives in England, France and Germany


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Ageism, Healthy Life Expectancy and Population Ageing: How Are They Related?

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The need for empathetic healthcare systems

Journal article

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Artificial intelligence and the ongoing need for empathy, compassion and trust in healthcare.

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Fair Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources in the Time of Covid-19

Journal article

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Eudaimonia and Culture: The Anthropology of Virtue


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