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Love and Peace across Generations: Biobehavioral Systems and Global Partnerships

Journal article

Leckman JF. et al, (2021), Comprehensive Psychoneuroendocrinology

Contributions and ambiguities in Islamic Research Ethics and research conducted in Muslim contexts

Journal article

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Les jeunes exilés face au ralentissement institutionnel

Journal article

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Ethics of artificial intelligence in global health: Explainability, algorithmic bias and trust

Journal article

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How to Build a Game for Empirical Bioethics Research: The Case of “Tracing Tomorrow"

Journal article

LYRESKOG D. et al, (2021), Health Expectations

Eating to live or living to eat: The meaning of hunger following gastric surgery

Journal article

Hallowell N. et al, (2021), SSM - Qualitative Research in Health, 100005 - 100005

Understanding the Ethical and Legal Considerations of Digital Pathology: A Nationwide Audit of UK Histopathologists

Conference paper

Coulter C. et al, (2021), JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY, 255, S20 - S20

Good participatory practice for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) research: the case of a COVID-19 prevention study

Journal article

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Before and beyond trust: reliance in medical AI.

Journal article

Kerasidou CX. et al, (2021), J Med Ethics

A scoping review of considerations and practices for benefit sharing in biobanking.

Journal article

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The Africa Ethics Working Group (AEWG): a model of collaboration for psychiatric genomic research in Africa

Journal article

Kamuya D. et al, (2021), Wellcome Open Research, 6, 190 - 190

“AMR Dialogues”: a public engagement initiative to shape policies and solutions on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Thailand

Journal article

Poomchaichote T. et al, (2021), Wellcome Open Research, 6, 188 - 188

Unmuting Conversations on Fakes in African Spaces

Journal article

Kingori P., (2021), Journal of African Cultural Studies, 33, 239 - 250

Des rapports d’âge bouleversés ? Épreuves corporelles, morales et sociotechniques dans la maladie chronique

Journal article

Perrot A., (2021), Ethnologie française, Vol. 51, 407 - 424

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