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Sheila Giardini Murta

Visiting Fellow, Ethox Centre

February - April 2022 

Dr Sheila Murta is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Brasília, Brazil. She works on the development, evaluation and dissemination of mental health interventions, focusing primarily on prevention and promotion interventions, across the life span. She has worked on child mistreatment prevention for first-time parents, dating violence prevention for adolescents, interventions to promote young adults’ sense of purpose and forgiveness, occupational stress management for adult workers, and retirement planning for middle-age workers.

She has recently become interested in interventions that aim to promote social justice attitudes and youth empowerment. In a joint project between the universities of Oxford and Brasilia, she is currently working with Dr. Gabriela Pavarini from Ethox as co-investigator in the design of a digital intervention to foster youth protagonism for mental health promotion in schools. The project combines arts-based methods and co-production with teachers, adolescents and technology experts.

Sheila is interested in culturally-informed mental health interventions that are ethically sound, socially valid, feasible and scalable. Throughout her work she has examined different channels to deliver mental health interventions, including through health professionals and peers, as well as computer-tailored interventions. She is interested in exploring the ethical implications of different types of interventions to inform her work, as well as the ethical dimensions of participatory research and arts-based methods.

She has experience of international collaboration with Queensland University of Technology (Australia), University of Maastricht (Holland) and Oxford Brookes University (UK). Sheila holds a PhD in Organisational and Social Psychology and a master’s degree in Developmental Psychology.

Dr Sheila Murta