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Sonya de Laat

Caroline Miles Visiting Scholar

June 2022

Sonya de Laat’s research interests include (1) the moral and practical dimensions of humanitarian healthcare and (2) visual cultures of humanitarian aid, global health, and international development. Currently working as the academic advisor and curriculum coordinator in the Global Heath graduate program at McMaster University, Canada, Dr. de Laat is an active member of the Humanitarian Health Ethics Research Group (HHE) based at McMaster and McGill universities, and the Canadian Network on Humanitarian History (CNHH), housed at Carleton University. Recent publications include “The camera and the Red Cross: ‘Lamentable pictures’ and conflict photography bring into focus an international movement, 1855–1865” (2021) and “A case analysis of partnered research on palliative care for refugees in Jordan and Rwanda” (2021). While at Ethox as a Caroline Miles Visiting Scholar, Dr. de Laat is focusing on work that builds on the “Aid when there is ‘nothing left to offer’” project. Specifically, she looks forward to discussing snapshots (literal and figurative) of a refugee-led initiative aimed at reducing severe health-related suffering in one refugee camp in Rwanda.

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Sonya de Laat