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Organised by the Ethox Centre and Reuben College, this panel discussion brings together professionals from the AI industry to share their first-hand experiences and insights on addressing ethical challenges in the design and implementation of AI technologies. The panel covers real-world dilemmas and solutions in the field of mental health and around AI usage in the UK public sector, offering diverse perspectives on how AI can be developed and deployed responsibly.

The panel discussion will be followed by refreshments.


Aynsley Bernard is the Principal Data Scientist at Kooth Digital Health, where she leads the development of machine learning products with a focus on responsible innovation and AI ethics. At Kooth, a leading digital mental health platform, Aynsley has been instrumental in creating AI solutions that improve users' safety, personalize mental health support, and enhance user engagement. With a focus on practical applications and governance, Aynsley has defined a responsible innovation framework aligned with guidelines from the Alan Turing Institute and evidenced its effectiveness through multiple product improvements. Aynsley holds an MSc in Statistical Science from the University of Oxford and a BSc in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Bath.

Dr Suzanne Brink is Head of AI Ethics & Governance at Kainos. She is the creator and custodian of Kainos’ data ethics approach, overlooking the implementation of ethical principles in data and AI projects. Previously, Suzanne worked in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and as a consultant for a company that provides AI-based solutions in recruitment. She holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Cambridge.

Dr Simon Fothergill has worked in a variety of Silicon Fen start-ups after completing his Ph.D. in applied AI at Cambridge University Computer Laboratory. He specialises in responsible AI and natural language processing and leads the technology at Cam AI. Cam AI is a digital mental health company, using conversations from a therapeutic community to automate the provision of in-the-moment mentorship to adolescents in a responsible, empathetic and personalised way.


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