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We are delighted to celebrate ten years of the Global Health Bioethics Network (GHBN)!

The GHBN is a partnership between six institutions from very different parts of the world: the Wellcome Africa and Asia Research Programmes in Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam, and the Ethox Centre at the University of Oxford in the UK. In reality, the Network is much broader, and more complex and inclusive than this. Each of the partners in GHBN is in fact itself the hub of an intricate set of collaborations and connections and GHBN has been enriched and illuminated by these wider links.

GHBN booklet1

The Network has had three main aims. The first of these has been to raise awareness among scientists at the Wellcome Africa and Asia Programmes of the importance of the ethical aspects of collaborative global health research, and to help them to identify and address ethical questions presented by their work.

The second and closely linked aim has been to work with the individual partners and across the Network to build, train, and support in-house ethics and engagement research groups to enable them to address the ethical dimensions of their work locally in a sustainable and internationally collaborative way. 

Our third aim has been to undertake locally relevant research of international importance in global health bioethics and community engagement.

GHBN booklet coverTo celebrate 10 years of the Network we have published an anniversary booklet sharing our achievements across these three areas and the highlights from each centre. We are so proud of our Bursary Fellows, Senior Fellows, PhD students (totalling almost 70 in number) and all our members who've accomplished an incredible amount in the past decade.

Read about the Network’s activities from 2012-onwards in the GHBN anniversary booklet.

The GHBN is funded by a Wellcome Trust strategic Award (096527).