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Kumeri Bandara has worked with endometriosis patient Elisa Matthews to create an art piece, Living In My Body, that will be displayed as part of a new exhibition at the Vagina Museum in London.

Artwork created by Kumeri Bandara and Elisa Matthews.© Living In My Body, Kumeri Bandara and Elisa Matthews (2021)

Endometriosis: Into The Unknown will run from 4 November 2023 to 3 March 2024. 190 million people in the world have endometriosis, but awareness of the condition is low, even among healthcare providers. The exhibition aims to take visitors on a journey from the basics of endometriosis to the cutting edge of research, exploring myths and the reality of living with the condition along the way.

The exhibition has been produced in collaboration with Oxford EndoCare, part of the Nuffield Department of Women's and Reproductive Health, and the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics based at The University of Oxford.

Kumeri joined the Ethox Centre as a DPhil candidate in Population Health in October 2020.