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Sir Michael Dixon with the four Nautilus Award winners outside Green Templeton College.
Sir Michael Dixon, Principal of Green Templeton College, with the Nautilis Award winners.

Congratulations to Ethox DPhil student MacKenzie Isaac for being recognized in the 2024 Green Templeton College Nautilis Awards. MacKenzie was winner in the College Citizenship category.

Green Templeton College said:

MacKenzie has embraced the role of GCR Vice President for Equality and Diversity and gone above and beyond to contribute and support students at college, ensuring events and activities are inclusive, cater for the diversity of the student body and support the overall welfare and well-being of the student community. Whether through coordinating the Diversity Dinner (standing in for the speaker at the last minute), participation in and commitment to the college’s Equality & Diversity Forum or initiating, running and facilitating a new Neurodiversity Advocacy Focus Group.

MacKenzie also secured financial support from the GCR to expand the existing library collection on mental health to include a comprehensive new collection of books on neurodiversity. She has been proactive in generating posters and publicity for this campaign and pioneered a practical wellbeing resource for students with provision of a ‘Reproductive Health Shelf’ in the Hayloft. Mackenzie has gone beyond a role that can be predominantly about advocacy with many practical on-the-ground initiatives and done this all with enthusiasm, sensitivity and diplomacy.

MacKenzie joined the Ethox Centre in October 2023 as a DPhil candidate in Population Health. Her current research focuses on mapping the social, political, environmental, and commercial determinants of binge eating disorder in Black adolescent populations, with the hopes of developing an evidence-based, ethnically-sound, peer-led intervention in direct collaboration with these adolescents.