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Somerville College and The Ethox Centre, University of Oxford, have established two new Annual Visiting Scholarships.

Oxford Radcliffe Camera building

Somerville College and The Ethox Centre, University of Oxford, have established two new Annual Visiting Scholarships to provide opportunities to spend time researching at the University of Oxford.

The Scholarships are aimed at supporting early career researchers from Black ethnic backgrounds, ordinarily resident in the UK, to pursue an academic career. ‘Early career’ refers to career path, rather than age or specific qualifications and could, for example, include those who are recently graduated, still studying at post-graduate level, changing careers, returning after a career break or moving from industry to academia.

This initiative aims to help tackle the disproportionately low representation of Black researchers in UK academia and at Oxford in particular. Patricia Kingori, Associate Professor at the The Ethox Centre said:

"This scheme represents the culmination of several years’ work by colleagues and I am really excited to see it launched. I’m very much looking forward to welcoming our first Visiting Scholars to Somerville College and the Ethox Centre."

Visiting Scholarships will be awarded to researchers with an interest in bioethics (including related disciplines such as philosophy, history, sociology and anthropology). 

The Scholars will spend four weeks based at the Ethox Centre and Somerville College and will conduct research on a topic related to the research programmes of the Ethox Centre.They will benefit from the supervision and feedback of Ethox research staff and will have access to the libraries and research facilities of the University of Oxford. They will also have the opportunity to attend weekly seminars and work in progress meetings, as well as talks and events across the University.

Each Scholarship includes four weeks’ accommodation, including all meals, at Somerville College and a contribution of up to £2,000 to assist with travel and research costs.

For further information and details on how to apply please visit Somerville College website. The deadline for applications is noon on Wednesday, 4 August 2021.


Image by Alfonso Cerezo from Pixabay