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Stephanie Johnson (Ethox Centre, University of Oxford) and Chris Degeling (The Australian Centre for Health Engagement, Evidence and Values, School of Health and Society, University of Wollongong) are inviting applications to attend an expert workshop entitled ‘Theorizing a global approach to public deliberation in health'.

The 2 day workshop will be hosted by Ethox and will bring together scholars interested and experienced in bioethics and public deliberation from a variety of geographical settings.

  • Workshop dates: 23 and 24 October 2024
  • Workshop location: Bangkok, Thailand

Primary objectives for this workshop

  • To embrace a global approach to deliberative research and practice
  • To initiate and build capacity for international collaborations for funding and/or international network grant applications

In order to achieve this aim we are opening a call for applications to attend, so that the participants may cover a broad range of geographical contexts, that extend beyond our current networks.

What will the meeting cover?

This meeting will aim to undertake preliminary theoretical work and capture expert perspectives on public deliberation in global health research and practice.

This will cover themes such as:

  • Public deliberation and political theory in global health
  • How deliberative research methodologies have worked or could work in different contexts and settings
  • The importance and role of accommodating public values in global health research and practice
  • Deliberative methodologies and global health decolonisation
  • Benefits and risks of institutionalising public deliberation in international policy decision making

The meeting agenda will include expert presentations, in-depth discussion and project planning. Time will be allocated throughout the program for individual or smaller group meetings to discuss future research projects.


  • A limited number of funded places are available to encourage the participation of researchers from Low and Middle Income Countries. Economy travel, three nights accommodation and food expenses will be covered.

How to apply

  • Please submit one page outlining your relevant experience and interest in attending the meeting to, by 9am (BST) 5 August 5 2024.
  • Please indicate if you require funding, or would be able to participate with your own funds.