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La France et la Grande-Bretagne à l’ère de la médecine génomique

Journal article

Horn R., (2019), médecine/sciences, 35, 163 - 168

Opening Pandora’s box? Ethical issues in prenatal whole genome and exome sequencing

Journal article

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Empathy in the healthcare system: the limits and scope of empathy in public and private systems


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Solidarity and autonomy: two conflicting values in English and French health care and bioethics debates?

Journal article

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The role of 'accompagnement' in the end-of-life debate in France: from solidarity to autonomy.

Journal article

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Making space for empathy: supporting doctors in the emotional labour of clinical care.

Journal article

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Lack of clarity undermines proposed law to help people die

Journal article

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Euthanasia and end-of-life practices in France and Germany. A comparative study.

Journal article

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Le droit de mourir


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European perspectives on ethics and law in end-of-life care.

Journal article

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Continuous deep sedation at the end of life: Balancing benei ts and harms in England, Germany and France


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