teaching for oxford medical students

The Ethox Centre is responsible for teaching medical ethics and law to all medical students in the Oxford Medical School, both on the standard course and the Graduate Entry course. The textbook for these courses is Medical Ethics and Law: the Core Curriculum (2nd Edition), Hope, T, Savulescu, J. and Hendrick, J. (2007) Edinburgh: Churchill-Livingstone.  The Centre also runs a one-month optional Special Study Module for medical students in the fourth year of their course.


The teaching materials we use with our students are available on request and cover:

  • Introduction to English Medical Law and Negligence
  • Confidentiality
  • Consent
  • End of Life
  • Clinical Genetics and Genomics
  • Medical Research
  • Reproductive Ethics

To request a copy of our materials, please email us at: admin@ethox.ox.ac.uk