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Paige Fitzsimmons

Paige Fitzsimmons

Paige Fitzsimmons


DPhil Student

Paige joined the Ethox Centre in 2021 as a DPhil student in Population Health. Under the supervision of Mark Sheehan and Mackenzie Graham at the Ethox Centre, and Richard Milne at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, her research examines what trustworthy health data access and use in the UK looks like, and in particular when commercial interests are involved. This research is part of a wider project examining trustworthiness and public trust in data sharing. 

Paige holds a BSc in Biology from the University of British Columbia and an MA in Bioethics & Society from King’s College London. She was in the first cohort of the GE2P2 Bioethics in Biopharma Fellowship where she focused on informed consent for genomic research. She is currently the Associate Director of the GE2P2 Global Foundation’s Centre for Informed Consent Integrity and a member of the Foundation’s Independent Bioethics Advisory Committee Secretariat.  

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