A Senior Researcher, Busisiwe (Busi) Nkosi joined the Resilience Empowerment and Advocacy in Women and Children’s Research (REACH) project in April 2017. Busi is based at the Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI), South Africa. Her role in the REACH Project is to coordinate the research activities in South Africa’s study site and liaise with the international team. Busi is a social scientist by training and her interest involves the intersection between social science and public health research. Busi has been involved in studies involving community based primary health services -prevention, support and treatment for HIV, AIDS and TB; well-being of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC); women’s property rights and vulnerability to domestic violence and HIV and AIDS; maternal child health and nutrition, key populations, stigma and discrimination; as well as custodian grandmothers’ vulnerability, resilience and their coping strategies in times of social change.

Busisiwe Nkosi