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Senior Advisor SMRU, Mae Sot

Shoklo Malaria Research Unit (SMRU) based in Maesot, Tak Province Thailand. She holds a position as communication personnel. She takes part in active supporting role for the scale up Malaria Elimination Task Force program (METF). She also acts as fixer and official photographer of SMRU activities, and coordinates with MROU media official for MORU-newsletter. Suphak worked at SMRU for nine years in Data-entry, office-clerk and bookkeeping before moving in Chiangmai for 18 years. She was involved with volunteer activities for PTA (Parents-Teacher Association) of her children’s school also study to graduate in Education as English teacher (Bachelor degree). She taught in a rural school in a suburb of Chiangmai, where the majority of the students were migrants from Myanmar. She came back to Maesot in 2013 to join SMRU again as one of the CE senior-staff for Targeted Malaria Elimination (TME) project to engage with villagers and encourage them to participate to the program, including mass drug administration campaigns.

Suphak Nosten